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How often do you see ads while scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed? Probably quite often, but do you remember them? It is difficult to answer. It’s all about the failed digital marketing services. We are an experienced team that will tell you why you can put all your money and effort into a project but will not bring profit

What Is the Reason for Your Failure?

The pain of your marketing company directly affects all aspects of promotion. So take a close look at the seven most common cases you might not have thought of initially

PPC Is Incorrectly Configured

You don’t think setting up ads is just placing any text and leaving a link, right? But unfortunately, this is a rather complicated and complex process, and an inexperienced marketing agency cannot reconcile a campaign account’s success with the business’s success. In other words, the emphasis was more on Vanity metrics than well-founded Key Performance Indicators

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Using Poor Quality Tags and Similar Content

Have you ever wondered why a page of your site can’t get to the 1st page in a Google search? Tags play one of the key roles. The main goal of an SEO agency is to create a high-quality tag for promotion and prevent the creation of the same pages. No, monotony is certainly not bad, but not regarding SEO promotion

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Lack of Social Media Promotion Strategy

Running a business page on Instagram or Facebook is not the same as posting what pranks your cat did today or where you managed to drink coffee. Your friends follow your page because they know you and are interested in you. But if you want to attract a large audience and encourage them to follow you, and even more so, spend their money, you need a more integrated approach and SMM work. You need to think about every detail – post design, text support, evaluate it with a competitor, draw up a plan for posting content, targeted advertising, etc

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An Inanimate Email Is a Direct Path to the Trash

Don’t turn your emails into spam that people receive every day. Too hackneyed phrases, the same letter every day, and not studying the target audience will have the opposite effect on you – unwillingness to order something from you. You will be perceived as a scammer and not a reliable partner to work with. Your email campaign should have a twist

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Lack of a comprehensive business solution

Of course, marketing plays a key role in sales. However, large advertising coverage is not a 100% guarantee of placing an order or further cooperation. A business solution will help to establish both marketing and maximize the profits of the business as a whole with the help of comprehensive tools

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Ignoring Brand Negativity Leads to Failure

Forget that negative PR is also PR. Of course, it can play a role because completely positive reviews make modern customers even more suspicious. However, online reputation must be 99% positive. A properly designed SERM strategy will ensure that your brand is promoted among competitors

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We are your Fairy Godmother in the tale of Cinderella. Our company will help to assemble a reliable team for your project, which will cope with all the problems described above

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