Pay Per Click

PPC is one of the most powerful marketing channels. It’s main purpose is to drive traffic and conversions from search engines. It is a simple and effective way to connect with a potential audience of your business

Why Is PPC Not Working?

As practice and statistics show, the most successful place to launch advertising is Google Ads, as it covers a vast audience. However, despite this, your PPC can bring zero value if you make mistakes in its configuration or other launch elements. So let’s look at the top 4 pain points you might be facing and what causes PPC to fail

I Can’t Find My Add on the Google’s First Page

How many people open the 2nd page of Google? It is less than 1%. So you order PPC Google ads on the first page, but it’s not there. Familiar situation? The quality and relevance of your advertising are important. You need to pay special attention to these indicators so that advertising is where you expect it to be

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Add Click Through Rate Is Too Low

You’ve heard of great click statistics of the PPC service, but it doesn’t work with your ads? Oh, we are often approached with this pain point. The first thing you should pay attention to is creativity. 70% of ads are too bland and irritate, not a desire to click. Also, you may order AdWords on a website that is not so popular

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Conversion Rates Keep Dropping

You order AdWords for Google ads, and the first results pleasantly surprise you. It sounds very cool. But suddenly, the conversion drops after a short period. Do not rush to get upset, as the problem may be in the instrumental effect, which is easy to fix. But most often, the problem is with the add company, and here you need a comprehensive solution to delay the conversion process to the average and prevent too low rates

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I Made a Cool Ad and Ordered It on All Popular Sites

Do you think Instagram, YouTube, and Google have the same work specifics? After you answer this question, you may guess what the problem is. Perhaps, your ad is great on Instagram but useless on another site. And what result do you get? Maximum cost and minimum benefit

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How Can We Help Avoid All Pain Points?

If it seems to you that we are a simple advertising agency, it is not so. Instead, we are a team of professionals ready to provide various services, including relieving you of the above and other pain points in PPC. We do not deal with simple advertising settings but offer a comprehensive solution for your business that will bring maximum benefit and profit